GeneralAnnouncement of Successful Players of CBS Trials

CBS Academy

Announcement of Successful Players of CBS Trials

CBS would like to thank all participating players of this years soccer trials. You all did great by accepting the challenge. Those who did not make it in the final selection should take it as a encouragement for further hard work and improvement. There will be next chances ahead – never give up!

Congratulations to the successful players:

  • Rowan Aoseb
  • Nathan Daosaob
  • Adriano Gawab
  • Christian Penda Hauwanga
  • Jaden Himarwa
  • Rodriquez Kaneb
  • Santa Matroos
  • Raschid Naobeb
  • Shahid Naobeb
  • Alex Da Purificao
  • Leo Scholz
  • Onesmus Timotheus

Looking forward to a successful soccer season 2023!