Vision & Philosophy

Vision & Philosophy

CBS – Academy: a unique vision in Namibia


The Vision of CBS is to spread and live the spirit of football on and off the pitch. Therefore we want to realize and support the potential of talented youths and next generation leaders in Namibia at best learning age. It is our goal to promote and guide our players along their path from football loving youngsters to outstanding athletes and future global role models.


Following our philosophy, CBS athletes receive the best possible development experiences to give them the best chances of reaching their individual maximum potential via the academy model, which is based on football as well as education and most importantly the development of character.


Education is a right for everyone, regardless of where they were born and where they grew up. CBS’s assistance aims to help our young athletes to gain access to high quality education and development skills, that will provide the foundation for lifelong learning. With our scholarships we ensure, that all our players receive quality primary and secondary education, reduce barriers and narrow education gaps. Beyond that, CBS assists its players with homework help provided by well trained and experienced tutors.

But there is more to that. We want to encourage our players to live the idea of team spirit not only on but also off the pitch. Therefore, CBS created its own study rooms where participating kids have the possibility to come together after school, study and also get their homework done together as a team; according to the spirit of one for all and all for one.


At CBS, talented young athletes will find a highly professional environment providing the best possible training conditions including the best infrastructure at CBS sport facilities (Training center) and highly qualified coaching stuff (coaches).


At CBS we want to embrace the power of football to create positive global role models, as we think that key principles like responsibility, mindset, self-discipline and social intelligence are essential for future success. The focus is on the academy and the players growing up with these principles and values, always keeping in mind that this helps our athletes to find a higher level of performance.