GeneralSouth Africa/Johannesburg: CBS undergoes Performance Assessment with Kaizer Chiefs

CBS Academy

South Africa/Johannesburg: CBS undergoes Performance Assessment with Kaizer Chiefs

Selected CBS players participated for one week in training sessions and friendlies at Kaizer Chiefs Youth Academy in Johannesburg. Kaizer Chiefs Village being probably one of the most advanced and professional soccer academies in Africa provided an ideal platform for CBS Talents to measure their abilities and find an orientation where they stand on an international level. Thanks to a very warm welcome and great support of all Kaizer Chiefs professionals. The trip became an amazing experience for the players.

The picture shows from left to right the participating CBS players:
– Thimotheus Onesmus (2007, Defender)
– Rashid Naobeb (2007, Striker)
– Epson Mbaha (2007, Midfielder)
– Phileas Janka (2008, Goalplayer)

Learning and training never ends when you want to become a professional soccer player. Thus the young upcoming stars have to improve further their physicality (daily workouts) and technical skills (one touch) as well as speed if they really want to make it to the top. CBS players have 5 times team training per week plus daily personal workouts. Matches at the weekend plus extra training sessions for the top development players.

CBS Management Collin Benjamin and Dr. Robert Hopperdietzel observed their CBS Talents closely during the Kaizer Chiefs challenge. “We are looking forward to see hopefully soon one of them playing in South Africa or Europe in one of the top leagues!”

Next step is trials in Germany at the Bundesliga Performance Centres second half this year. Keep it up boys!